Bikram Yoga Classes


Bikram Yoga is known by others names such as Hot Yoga or the Bikram Method, and is derived from Hatha Yoga.
This is a healing style of yoga that is designed to help with the recovery of body as well as the mind, and there are
a large number of people who are very enthused about what it can do for them.


Many swear by this method of recuperating from conditions ranging from shingles to alcoholism and many more.
Many people claim that after mastering the basic techniques their entire loves have changed.

Bikram Choudhury

It was in 1946 when the founder of Bikram Yoga was born in Calcutta, and Bikram Choudhury first began to practice with Bishnu Ghosh,
the foremost physical c

Nikrab Yoga Class

Bikram Yoga ClassesBikram Yoga a Different Type of Fitness Class

ulturist of India when he was just four years of age.
As he grew older, he became a heavily muscles and very vigorous yoga enthusiast with a competitive spirit for exhibition.


This young man developed his system of Bikram Yoga during his recovery after a leg injury.

It has become a much sought after style of yoga for many individuals who wish to find Fitness Classes for purposes of physical therapy and healing.

This method has proven results for a wide variety of individuals who practice it for bringing them back to health and wellness.


An example of the way Bikram Yoga can assist in the healing process would be people with knee injuries.

Many times knee injuries come with lasting disabilities if the knee is not returned to health.
With Fitness Classes that include proper techniques with this style of yoga, it may take a few weeks,
but many practitioners find that their symptoms begin to disappear.


As with many other physical conditions where recovery is dependent upon consistency,
Bikram Yoga requires devotion if individuals going to be able to realize the desired results.


Bikram Choudhury received the assistance of scientists from the Tokyo University Hospital as he developed his own style of yoga.

Their research and development helped to prove the efficacy of the techniques created by Bikram.

Benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga are seen with tissue repair, and relief of chronic condition as well as weight loss


What Bikram discovered was that the healing process of the body takes place when the body systems are functioning properly and in conjunction with each other.
Applying the practice with subjects who were weak was difficult to accomplish because their bodily functions were not in sync.


As Bikram continued to develop his techniques, he included twenty-six exercise of posture that is intended to be practiced on a daily basis.
These exercises involved muscle, ligament, and tendon stretches, while at the same time stimulating the glands, nerves and organs.
In order for these exercises to create specific effects on the human body, they are designed to be used in a specific order.
After the body has been returned to optimal stability it was easier for healing to take place.

 Bikram Yoga as  a Fitness Class

Using extensions, and contractions, the postures affect every system of the body.
Those systems include respiratory, digestive, circulatory, endocrine, immune, skeletal, lymphatic, nervous and muscular.
They strengthen and stretch every muscle, joint and ligament in the body right to the tiniest of cell membrane.


Bikram Yoga is a perfect compliment to any other Fitness Classes you can try.