BootCamp Fitness Classes

Boot Camp Classes: Is it For You?

The military has a way of instilling fear and intimidation among everybody in particular. A vision of drill sergeants in spiffy uniforms barking out orders straight to your face – with the addition of the occasional spit – will drive anyone over the wall. And those dreaded exercises – they will literally test your drive (and sanity). The military is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the overly ambitious, egotistic, muscle bound jock. It is a discipline of sorts – affecting not just the body, but most importantly, the mind and the character of the person.

Which is why boot camp classes have found its way into the mainstream fitness world and continue to fascinate staunch believers into whipping themselves to shape, the boot camp way. As an official workout of the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 1950’s, it has inspired the fitness craze during that period, which incorporated military style workouts performed by ordinary civilians in need of a good and affordable alternative to healthy exercising.

Boot camp classes, while intimidating to some, boast of its never ending nutritional and fitness benefits. Aside from losing the excess body fat that most of us crave for after guiltily eating heavy meals, it also increases the cardiovascular system’s effectiveness, increases overall body strength, and aids people in settling into a regular, routine workout. Nutritional advice pertaining to identifying healthy options for meals and providing even portions are included in so me classes as well. Throw in some good old camaraderie during this group workout and an amazing outdoor landscape where the classes are usually held (these classes are mostly done outdoors and not in the gym) and you’ve got the total package.

These classes are however not for everyone, due to the strenuous nature of this type of workout. This is precisely why there are several classes programmed for different kind of enthusiasts. There are programs for those who need it only for their general health and fitness; for those who are preparing for competitive or recreational sports like running, soccer or ski prep; those who targets weight loss as its primary goal; women-only, seniors or kids boot camp, or even those for brides. The list is particularly endless.

No necessary equipment is needed for this type of workout which is a good thing, especially for those who are tight on a budget, not to mention time. All you need are the proper shoes (lightweight rubber shoes with a firm support on the ankles, heels and toes), the proper exercise attire (cool, comfortable clothing that allow you to move freely and doesn’t trap much sweat), and the proper mindset and physical fitness to undergo such workout. Add in some optimism and a dash of fun and you’re all set

Of course, as with every exercise program, one must be medically assessed thoroughly. This type of strenuous workout can cause even the healthiest of hearts into overdrive, so be sure to get a medical clearance first before enrolling in these classes. Usually, these classes start with a one day physical assessment which includes medical check-ups, interviews and tests. After all, it wouldn’t be as much fun as enthusiasts claim it to be if you find yourself injured and ailing on a hospital bed on the premise that an exercise workout did that to you, wouldn’t it?

After all the necessary paperwork, thorough orientation of class rules and safety guidelines, determining the appropriate type of boot camp workout, and medical tests have been done, and most importantly, the much awaited conclusion that, yes, you can take part in this fun workout after all has been declared, there is no stopping you from marching your way to fitness. The 30-40 minute workout usually consist of a 10 minute warm up followed by a set number of push ups, plyometric exercises, interval training, squats, lunges, suspension training, burpees (squat thrusts), pull-ups, jogging, sprinting, core strength and other calisthenic exercises, interspersed with team competitions, partner exercises, obstacle courses and the much needed cool down or stretching. These classes usually last for 4-6 weeks at around three sessions per week, where fitness is usually retested on the last day of class.

While the litany of benefits seem endless, all these will be useless without the proper instructor who can encourage and motivate you to do more than you thought you could and a workout group whose dynamism and bullish determination to achieve their fitness goals while having fun and forging friendships along the way are contagious enough to propel you forward. It wouldn’t be a surprising sight if you find yourself searching the internet for the nearest boot camp classes now so you can start your way to good health and fitness right away.