Financial Advisor on Devloping financial plan

Interesting article for those looking to manage the wealth.


There are a number of key factors that must be assessed when putting together a suitable investment plan. Each of these factors will need to adequately match your own personal needs and objectives. Below I have identified the main criteria that should form the fundamental building blocks of any investment plan.

Time frame. The time frame of an investment refers to the length of time that you will need to tie up your money before the investment matures or provides the desired return.

Liquidity.  Liquidity involves the ease in which you can access your money. Typically this would be measured as the time it takes to get the physical cash back in your possession.

Risk Profile. The risk profile of an investment refers to how volatile the investment can be. This is typically measured by standard deviation and will measure the potential for upward and downward movements.  Your own risk profile relates to how comfortable you are with the potential for upward and downward movement in value of your investment.

Diversity. Diversification of investment involves having a range of different asset classes in your portfolio in order to spread your risk. The idea of having a diversified portfolio is to smooth the investment journey by not having all your investments exposed to one asset class ….

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