Self Defence Classes Review

Krav Maga Ireland Chief Instructor Patrick Cumiskey was reviewed recently by Niamh Hassell from Newstalk. In the interview Patrick outlined some self defence strategies for dealing with threats always with a focus on escape. The self defence moves demonstrated included strategies for managing space and also how to deal with someone who is choking you. […]

krav Maga Ireland Goes to Haiti

Krav Maga Ireland

  Krav Maga Ireland Ireland’s largest self defence training centre is traveling to Haiti to help build houses, they have raised 13,500 euro so far and you can help by buying a tickets to win their at

12 Free Fitness Classes in Dublin

Teaching Army

Krav Maga Ireland, Irelands to Self Defence training company are providing 12 Free Bottcamp Fitrness classes when you join the 12 Week Krav Maga Cours,e   Krav Maga Ireland teaches every day normla people how to protect  themselves fast. They   have trained over 14,ooo people in the last 10 years.   The COM-FIT fitness programme is […]

Krav Maga Self Defence in Castleknock

  Krav Maga Ireland are launching a new 12 week course in Castleknock.   Krav Maga is the Martial Art of the Israel defence forces and is designed to teach every day normal people how to protect them selves , it is also a great fitness Class and a great way to Get fit and  […]

Fitness Classes don’t work, lose weight with the Paleo Diet

Lose weigt with the Paleo Diet

Weight loss is the number one concern of most people today. Diet after diet lends little success except to feel hungry and tired after shedding a few pounds. Fitness Classes are great but wont work on their own. Everyone has an opinion as to why a certain diet works ordoesn’t work but few rely on […]