Fitness Classes make you Smarter

Smart Fitness

Published studies have clearly proven that the presence of exercise is a key to a longer and smarter life.

When you look at our history it makes sense. For most of our existence we had to move to get food and survive because of this  human beings have evolved to move up to 12 miles a day. The human brain developed in an environment where we needed to be constantly moving to survive.

Try not being bothered to get up when a Sabre Tooth tiger shows up!  Your genes just wouldn’t get passed onto the next generation,  laziness was not a key survival attribute.

Given our relative lack of  weapons (sharp teeth, claws, strength, speed) , we had no choice but to be moving all the time, so our brain evolved under movement. The simple rule is

Movement = Survival

Under this rule our brain developed incredible abilities, giving human beings their most powerful weapon.

But while we all get the idea that its Smart to exercise we probably didn’t realise that exercise makes your smarter.

The scientific fact is that exercise boosts brain power.

Studies have taken people whose definition of exercise is reaching for the remote, got them doing some fitness classes , within 12 weeks of  taking up a relativity light exercise programme, a wide range of cognitive abilities were enhanced, these abilities include problem solving, foresight self control and concentration.

The interesting thing  is that if the exercise regime is withdrawn the abilities returns to pre-excerise limits, thus proving the link.

Here’s the high level science bit…

The brain requires oxygen to function, oxygen is carried in your blood, exercise increases the blood supply to your brain giving it the energy supply it needs and removing toxins.

Also exercise stimulates the growth of  tiny protiens called BDNFs ( Brained Derived Neurotrophic Factor). These proteins keep existing neurons young and healthy and much more able to connect together to build neural pathways (also known as learning!) and also causes nuerogenesis , the formations of new cells in the brain, increasing your brain capacity.

The exercise level required  to kick off the brain boost is 30 minutes of aerobic activity 2-3 times a week. Add a strength building aspect to the training and you get even more of a brain boost.

The more publicized benefits of exercise is the reduction in risk of stroke, diabetes  and heart problems.

When you combine these obvious benefits with the insights that it also makes  you smarter, it makes exercise a “No Brainer”.

Now imagine you got all those benefits when learning how to Protect Yourself with Krav Maga with the most effective self defence system in the world?

When I set out to teach people how to protect themselves over 10 years ago ,I knew it was smart to learn how to protect yourself but I didn’t know that it actually made you smarter!

When we added the free fitness classes to our programme, it just made sense because many people wanted to work on their fitness as well.

The benefits that people report after our course are that they feel more confident and aware, they understand what to do if threatened and their fitness has improved.

So in summary Krav Maga make you Safer, Fitter and Smarter!

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