Self Confidence form Self Defence

Interesting article on self defence and how Krav Maga help it on he Krav Maga ireland website.   It outlines the structure of confidence and how taking self defence classes can help with self confidence. The full article can be found here   Krav Maga For Self Defence and Self confidence  

12 Free Fitness Classes in Dublin

Teaching Army

Krav Maga Ireland, Irelands to Self Defence training company are providing 12 Free Bottcamp Fitrness classes when you join the 12 Week Krav Maga Cours,e   Krav Maga Ireland teaches every day normla people how to protect  themselves fast. They   have trained over 14,ooo people in the last 10 years.   The COM-FIT fitness programme is […]

The Dirty Secret Fitness Trainers Don’t Want You to Know

Fitness Class Secrets

  There are hundreds of different fitness classes in Dublin, but do your fitness trainers really want to help you get the result you want, be it to get lean, lose weight are improve fitness? Of course your fitness trainer wants you to get a little bit fit. But the problem with the way the […]

Fitness Classes make you Smarter

Smart Fitness

Published studies have clearly proven that the presence of exercise is a key to a longer and smarter life. When you look at our history it makes sense. For most of our existence we had to move to get food and survive because of this  human beings have evolved to move up to 12 miles a day. The human brain […]

Inside Krav Maga Ireland’s Self Defence Course

Patrick Cumiskey of Krav Maga Ireland gives an insight into the Krav Maga Ireland 2 day self defence course. They are now taking bookings for 2012,Book now and you get 12 Free Fitness Classes.